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Professional Cribs – a better way of renting

We’re calling time of the era of the unpredictable Buy-To-Let landlord, juggling multiple properties, a day job and all the other complexity of life: even the rare good ones can’t do it all. Equally we don’t see the new-build flats popping up offering the warm, family home environment that many want. Cribs offers a better way of renting. 


• Best space in the market: your home is central to who you are – if it’s a beautiful space you feel better about life; all our properties are newly refurbished to market leading standards• Hassle free: from viewing, through check-in, and throughout your time with us: centrally managed with local on the ground help; also you’ll get everything with one convenient, bills inclusive monthly statement• Value: as with everything, you get what you pay for: we’re confident you’ll see the quality of the Cribs experience as excellent value• Service: we’ve been doing this since 2003 and are operational in 12 cities across 200+ properties. At this scale we can offer the kind of service people expect in the era of ‘I want it now’.

Why not take a look at our portfolio or give Lettings Jamie a call to see what we’ve got in your area on 020 3758 7000 or email him at jamie.m@professional-cribs.com. 

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