‘Home’ doesn’t stop at your porch

The question ‘where do you live’ isn’t answered by ‘first floor next to the bathroom’

but with (hopefully nice) details about your area.


Unlike some new developments, Cribs homes are all within existing communities:

a ‘village’ centre, shops – a functioning neighbourhood.


We want you to be able to engage with all elements of the neighbourhood, so wherever you are

we’ll have some ideas to ensure that feeling of ‘home’ extends beyond your porch 

with a friendly wave from the various people that make up a good community.


Whether your hankering for jerk chicken, Polish sausage,

super authentic keralan curry or a classic full english, we’ll

help you find it

Sport Clubs

Gym bunny, MAMIL, boxer (woof!), whatever your tribe, we’ll

show you clubs and buddies to work out with – and get you

discounts where possible


If you’re more of a ‘wandering lonely as a cloud’ sort, we’ll point

out the best jogging/strolling/flaneur routes where you can

 reboot and CTFO

Cribs In The Community

As we believe in our villages, we’re always on the lookout for

local champions we think you’d be interested in. We might

even sponsor some pop-up action. Maybe even you and your 

Cribmates would want to get involved!

Our areas

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